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Multiple Resolution is a DOI-based service allowing publishers to manage multiple information resources and services related to the content identified. Multiple Resolution allows publishers to choose, for each publication identified with a DOI, the information provided to the final user, aggregate it according to thematic areas and make it retrievable from a single one-click access point.
Once resolving a DOI, the user will be presented with the different resource options through a friendly and smart interface.

The following chart is and example of a selection of possible resources and services to be associated to a DOI

Multiple Resolution service increases the value of using the DOI in the communication process along the publishing value chain.
Through the Multiple Resolution service, publishers will be enabled to communicate to all the commercial partners a set of reliable resources on each publication, keeping the control on the information and services associated to the content.
Through the Multiple Resolution service, commercial partners and final users can rely on valuable and up to date information and can directly access the services provided for a publication.

Multiple Resolution service does not require any change in the usual DOI registration process: multiple resources (URLs, e-mails, DOIs, etc.) can be registered by simply adding a specific group of elements to the ONIX for DOI metadata schema (version 1.1).

To get more information and the technical documentation a Multiple Resolution Kit is at your disposal.