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The Multiple Resolution Kit provides all the technical documentation to exploit the Multiple Resolution Service.

The documentation can be downloaded one by one or in a single compressed zip file.

We remind you that the Multiple Resolution Service does not require any change in the usual DOI registration process: multiple resources (URLs, e-mails, DOIs, etc.) can be registered by simply adding a specific group of elements to the ONIX for DOI metadata schema (version 1.1).

DOI MR Specs
The specifications define the metadata formats for the Multiple Resolution service, i.e. to specify the set of resources and services to be associated to a DOI.

ONIX for DOI MR enabled Specs
The following specifications define the metadata formats for the different kinds of objects supported by the ONIX DOI Metadata Schema, version 1.1, and contain the necessary indication to enable the Multiple Resolution Service.

MR Codelists
Some Multiple Resolution metadata elements are to be compiled using the lists of controlled values taken MR Codelist. Codelists are available in English, Italian and German.

ONIX for DOI 1.1 Metadata Schema MR enabled
ONIX for DOI metadata schema defines the XML format of the message requested by mEDRA system to register DOIs with Multiple Resolution, i.e. the list of metadata concerning the object to be identified.

Multiple Resolution Kit (full package)