Multiple Resolution Code List - English, July 2011
MRList: Target Resource Role and Target Resource Label

TargetResourceRole TargetResourceLabel
AA About the content    
  AA01 Publisher's catalogue page
  AA02 Journal homepage
  AA03 Read Abstact
  AA04 Front cover image
  AA05 Review text
  AA06 Book-site
  AA07 Blog relating to a specified work
  AA08 Readers' blog
  AA09 Booktrailer
  AA10 Book podcast
  AA11 Movie from the book
  AA12 Fan site
  AA13 Press release
  AA14 Rights and Licences
AB About the contributors    
  AB01 Biography
  AB02 Author's website
  AB03 Contributor’s own website
  AB04 Author's image
  AB05 Contributor image
  AB06 Author's blog
  AB07 Contributor's blog
  AB08 Fan site
  AB09 Author interview
  AB10 Editor's biography
  AB11 Editor's website
  AB12 Editor's image
  AB13 Translator's biography
  AB14 Translator's website
  AB15 Translator's image
  AB16 Illustrator's biography
  AB17 Illustrator's website
  AB18 Illustrator's image
  AB19 Photographer's biography
  AB20 Photographer's website
  AB21 Photographer's image
AC About the publisher  
  AC01 Publisher's home page
AD Access the content  
  AD01 Read Full Text
  AD02 Read Full Text (subscriber only)
  AD03 Read Full Article
  AD04 Read Full Article (subscribers only)
  AD05 Subscription Information
  AD06 Read sample pages
  AD07 Table of contents
  AD08 Audio sample
  AD09 Video sample
AE Find an alternative  
  AE01 Alternative linguistic versions
  AE02 Alternative formats
AF Get more  
  AF01 Related Books
  AF02 Other Books by the Author (s)
  AF03 Related Articles
  AF04 Other Articles by the Author (s)
  AF05 References
  AF06 Learn More ...
  AF07 Subscribe for Newsletter
AG How to buy  
  AG01 Buy the book (digital)
  AG02 Buy the book (print edition)
  AG03 Buy the article (print version)
  AG04 Buy the article (digital)
  AG05 Subscribe
AH Share information    
  AH01 E-mail to a friend