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The ELEONET (European Learning Object Network) project aims at extending the scope of the DOI to European eLearning environment, implementing a specific DOI application profile for Learning Objects, allowing DOI registration on educational content of any form.

The main expected outcome of ELEONET is the creation, through DOI registration, of a European repository of LOs metadata, provided in compliance with a schema interoperable with the existing standards.
The database, freely accessible through the web, means to constitute a meeting point for the offer and demand of educational content within the European eLearning market.

ELEONET will thus offer value both to LOs producers - able to identify and describe their own products making them available all over the continent - and to educational communities - who will be facilitated in the search and retrieval of the wished contents.
A special attention will be paid to intermediaries between LOs rights holders and educational communities, such as DRM providers and clearing houses, being these the most interested organisations in the standardisation of identification systems.

Moreover, the project represents a first significant effort for an effective cooperation among different DOI RAs, being the three mayor European Agencies represented within the consortium: mEDRA (through its funding partners AIE and Cineca), Nielsen BookData and TIB (through L3S research centre).

ELEONET, funded in the framework of the eTEN programme by the EU Commission, started on January 1st 2006 and will last 18 months, closing at the end of June 2007 with the release of the final version of the system.