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mEDRA is a DOI Registration Agency (DOI RA) officially appointed by the International DOI Foundation on 1st July 2003 and provides DOI registration services to publishers, academic institutions, research centres and intermediaries in Italy, in the EU market and internationally.

At mEDRA we want to make things easy for everyone, therefore mEDRA system can be used by small and big organisations, for commercial and open access publications, with or without having technical skills. Moreover, mEDRA team is available to support customers individually and speaks Italian, English, French and German.

mEDRA operates also through international partnerships, such as with MVB in the German linguistic area, Casalini in Italy and Sinaweb for the provision of DOI services in Iran.

mEDRA also collaborates with Crossref to allow DOIs registered with mEDRA to be deposited on Crossref platform.

For general information about DOI and related topics, refer to the sections What is the DOI and How to register DOIs.

Thanks to the complementary nature of the team - content industry-oriented and technology-oriented - mEDRA has a unique combination of know-how and expertise optimised for the management of technological standards to be used in content industry.

mEDRA therefore also operates as technology provider in the field of identification standards, metadata and e-infrastructures for the publishing industry and provides bespoke consultancy for the analysis of user and business requirements and on metadata design, selection and management, as well as on identification issues.

As an example, mEDRA is currently the technological provider of the OP DOI RA, of the Italian ISBN Agency, of LIA, a dedicated service to increase the number of accessible e-books available on the Italian market for blind and visually impaired readers, and developed Gedi, the platform supporting Italian publisher in their licensing activities.