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DOI 10.32031/ITIBTE_ITJ_19-BX-LP

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Full Title
English (eng)
Integral Transpersonal Journal
Subtitle of arts, sciences and technology
Publisher (01) Integral Transpersonal Institute sas di PL Lattuada e C.
Country of publication Italy (IT)
ISSN 2240-0141
Product Form Printed Journal (JB)

Journal Issue Data
Journal Volume Number 19
Journal Issue Number 19
Journal Issue Date (YYYY/MM) 2023 / 06
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English (eng)
Developing a Psycho-Spiritual Experience Inventory (P-SEI) Questionnaire Leveraging Grounded Theory Methods: the Initial Outcomes
By (author) (A01) Xavier Bronlet
By (author) (A01) Pier Luigi Lattuada
First Page 69
Last Page 86
Language of text English (eng)
Publication Date (YYYY/MM) 2023 / 06
Copyright 2023, Integral Transpersonal Institute sas di PL Lattuada e C.
Main description (01) English (eng)
To analyze the phenomenology of the spiritual experience under the lenses of the Grounded Theory method, an initial questionnaire has been developed and submitted to 216 respondents. The quantitative observations have been analyzed for their contribution to the model with R and using last generation multivariate data analysis leveraging on SmartPLS to determine the relationships between the factors exposed in the model. If the initial model does not perfectly fit with the gathered observations, the remodeling of the items after an exploratory factory analysis helped to design an emerging model useful for the purpose of the study. The analysis of the observations structured according to the new model leads to interesting conclusions such as the spiritual representation are necessary to ensure that spiritual experiences have a significant impact on the behaviors. The initial and positive outcome opens the door to further development of the research such as the elaboration of an updated questionnaire, the definition of an interpretation framework and the continuation of research on the subject. KEYWORDS Transpersonal psychology, Spirituality, Spiritual Experience, Psyché, Questionnaire, Multivariate analysis, Mediation analysis, SmartPLS.