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DOI 10.23791/581118

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Pacific Geographies
Publisher (01) Association of Pacific Studies
Country of publication Germany (DE)
ISSN 2196-1468
Product Form Printed Journal (JB)
ISSN 2199-9104
Product Form Online Journal (JD)
Epub Format PDF (02)

Journal Issue Data
Journal Issue Number 58
Journal Issue Date (YYYY) 2022
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Title Micronesian conceptions of home and gender in Chuuk and the US
Subtitle Between the presence of absent islanders and island imaginaries abroad
By (author) (A01) Sarah A. Smith
Affiliation SUNY Old Westbury, Old Westbury, NY, US 11568
By (author) (A01) Rebecca Hofmann
Affiliation University of Education Freiburg, Kunzenweg 21, 79117 Freiburg, Germany
By (author) (A01) Josealyn Eria
Affiliation University of Guam, UOG Station Mangilao, Guam 96913
Number of Pages 8
First Page 11
Last Page 18
Language of text English (eng)
Publication Date (YYYY) 2022
Main description (01)
Chuuk, Federated States of Micronesia (FSM), represents a space altered by transnational migration, reshaping the social lives of both those who enact their mobility and those who stay. While transnationalism has been explored in-depth from the perspective of those abroad, little work has juxtaposed them with how migration reshapes life back “home.” Considering the presence of absent islanders for those who remain in Chuuk and the idealized imagery of those same islands by women living in the US, this paper explores how conceptions of those “home” and “abroad” belong to a liminal and transformational space. Migrants and the families left behind negotiate land tenure, family relationships and obligations, gender norms, and Chuukese identity from differing and fluid perspectives. This manuscript explores how contemporary forms of gendered Chuukese social life are both shifting and reinforced in this transnational context.