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DOI 10.23791/553437

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Full Title
Pacific Geographies
Abbreviated Title
Publisher (01) Association of Pacific Studies
Country of publication Germany (DE)
ISSN 2199-9104
DOI 10.23791/0
Product Form Online Journal (JD)
Epub Format PDF (02)

Journal Issue Data
Journal Issue Number 55
Journal Issue Date (YYYY) 2021
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Title An Analysis of Historical Imagery – The Picture of Sir Bob Jones responding to anti-tour demonstrators in New Zealand 1981
By (author) (A01) Julia Hazar
Number of Pages 4
First Page 34
Last Page 37
Language of text English (eng)
Publication Date (YYYY) 2021
Main description (01)
The photo of Sir Bob Jones responding to an anti-tour demonstration in Auckland 1981 captures a pivotal moment in New Zealand’s history. By analysing the imagery and its connection to the broader historical context at the beginning of the 1980s, we can see a multilayered picture going beyond this brief snapshot. In this article, I carry out a semiotic analysis of the photo, which starts with a description of the visible attributes and the aesthetic dimension. Different micro-aspects of the photo will be described and connected. After considering aspects that are immediately visible, I extend my inquiry to subtleties hidden in the deeper layers of the photo. The analysis include the subject, the setting, the surroundings and the people involved. It is also beneficial to learn about the story behind the photo, including the motivations of the photographer and the dissemination of the photo.