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DOI 10.23791/553033

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Full Title
Pacific Geographies
Abbreviated Title
Publisher (01) Association of Pacific Studies
Country of publication Germany (DE)
ISSN 2199-9104
DOI 10.23791/0
Product Form Online Journal (JD)
Epub Format PDF (02)

Journal Issue Data
Journal Issue Number 55
Journal Issue Date (YYYY) 2021
Serial Article Data
Title An Imperialist’s Garden of Eden: Images of Oceania in R. M. Ballantyne’s The Coral Island
By (author) (A01) Rebekka Wörner
Number of Pages 4
First Page 30
Last Page 33
Language of text English (eng)
Publication Date (YYYY) 2021
Main description (01)
This paper discusses how Oceania is depicted in an example of Victorian children’s literature, in Ballantyne’s The Coral Island. The island is described as a garden of Eden, in which the protagonists of the novel can build a model colonial civilisation. The idea of civilisation is also central to Ballantyne’s representation of Pacific Islanders, who are described with typical racist stereotypes as childish and cruel, but whose inferiority is described as cultural rather than biological and who should be civilised and christianised.