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DOI 10.23791/552529

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Full Title
Pacific Geographies
Abbreviated Title
Publisher (01) Association of Pacific Studies
Country of publication Germany (DE)
ISSN 2199-9104
DOI 10.23791/0
Product Form Online Journal (JD)
Epub Format PDF (02)

Journal Issue Data
Journal Issue Number 55
Journal Issue Date (YYYY) 2021
Serial Article Data
Title Moana made waves: Discussing the representation of Pacific Islanders in the Disney movie Moana
By (author) (A01) Hannah Dittmer
Number of Pages 5
First Page 25
Last Page 29
Language of text English (eng)
Publication Date (YYYY) 2021
Main description (01)
This paper sheds light on the debate the Disney movie Moana sparked on Pacific Islands by reviewing literature from indigenous Pacific anthropologists such as Vicente Diaz, Vilsoni Hereniko, Mārata Tamaira, and Dionne Fonoti. The author analyses the plot of Moana and the general representation of the Pacific Islands in Western movies. Various points of critique on the movie from indigenous Pacific anthropologists are discussed. Despite problems of cultural homogenization, stereotypical representation, and commodification, it is argued that it is short-sighted to view Moana as a mere object of cultural theft. In addressing these issues, the author wants to propose a platform for the plethora of Pacific opinions to discuss how Pacific Islanders are represented in the popular Disney movie Moana and how they may feel about this representation. Furthermore, this research note has the ambitious aim to motivate readers to a more critical and informed consumption of Disney movies.