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DOI 10.23791/531219

Daten zur Zeitschrift

Vollständiger Titel
Pacific Geographies
Verlag (01) Association for Pacific Studies
Erscheinungsland Deutschland (DE)
ISSN 2199-9104
DOI 10.23791/
Produktform Online-Zeitschrift (JD)

Nummer der Ausgabe 53
Erscheinungsdatum der Ausgabe (YYYY) 2020
Daten Fortsetzungsartikel
Titel Public Art in Vietnam: "Into Art Hills" Project in Dalat
Von (Autor) (A01) Hien Nguyen
Number of Pages 8
Erste Seite 12
Letzte Seite 19
Sprache des Textes Englisch (eng)
Erscheinungsdatum (YYYY) 2020
Abstract/Hauptbeschreibung (01)
This article introduces the “Into Art Hills” project in Dalat, Vietnam, a vibrant, multi-disciplinary community public artistic experience which brings together contributions by artists, experts, the local government and residents. The slogan for the project and event is "art connects us" and fulfils on its promise to connect artist groups domestically and internationally with the local community while at the same time supporting Vietnam's development to become a more sustainable cultural and creative place. "Into Art Hills" Project in Dalat also promotes local tourism and the improvement of social interaction as well as raising awareness via contemporary arts.