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Eleonet for content producers

ELEONET will enable any content producer to assign DOIs and related metadata to its own Learning Objects, thus making them easily retrievable, increasing the opportunity of dissemination to different users and stimulating their reuse.

From a producer's point of view, the adoption of DOI involves the assignment of a single standard identifier to any Learning Object at any level of granularity, describing it through a set of metadata according to a standard schema.

Content producers include different kinds of organisations.
Educational publishers are the first target group, but many other subjects who entered the market in recent years might exploit the network: technological and telecom enterprises, not-for-profit entities, media companies other than publishers, multimedia publishers and so on.
Sometimes educational organisations themselves are responsible for content production: universities, schools, individual teachers and training organisations often produce content.
All these players are increasingly committed to LO production.
The existence of a common framework for identification and description of LOs is perceived as a key factor to enhance the market.